With sleeping, you are capable of restoring your energy for your normal routine. However, because of some instances there is a high possibility for you to lose the ability of a good night sleep. One disorder that that will keep you from sleeping is sleep apnea, this condition stops your breathing especially at night. This is due to various reasons, but one thing is for sure with this, your upper airways collapse and keeps you from breathing while asleep.

Cure Your Sleep Apnea Without CPAP

The usual sleep problem of a person is sleep apnea. For a person, it is really vital to have a good sleep as with sleeping we were able to retain our energy for another day. However, there are really instances where sleep is unavoidably halted because of some blockage with breathing and thus interrupts a good night sleep.

The common symptoms of sleep apnea is having daytime sleepiness, frequent urination at night, large neck, short breathing even when you waken up, loud snoring and acid flux.

Because it is actually hard to diagnose that there is a problem, people have a hard time treating sleep apnea even though treatment is very much available. Untreated sleep apnea can actually causes heart problems and hypertension and these are very dangerous health complications. In order to learn more about sleep apnea, below are some treatments that you can do.


One step is keeping the air way open all throughout the night by wearing a face mask. This one of the simplest and common treatment there is. Another device called chin strap is also a good way to prevent sleep apnea as it keep the air flowing correctly through the airway by making sure that the mouth is close the whole sleeping time that causes both sleep apnea and snoring.

With the so-called CPAP (continuous Positive Airway Pressure), sleep apnea patients has another go-to method. It is treated using a machine that sets a prescribed air pressure for the person using it. It is hard and inconvenient to use this at first but then this treatment can be easily getting used to after continuous usage.

If CPAP is not for you, then here are some more suggestions that you can follow.

Lose weight – The common reason why you have this problem is because of obesity. The excess fats narrows down the airway and collapse the air way. With the use of dieting and exercise, you can easily get rid of the unwanted weight. In order to achieve the healthier you, be sure to shed off 10 % of your pounds so that your sleep apnea may be corrected.

Using a different sleep position and positional sleep aids – Sleep problem can also be triggered by the way you sleep. Sleeping on your back will cause you more snoring and sleep apnea. You can try sleeping on side position with the help of several pillows. It can also help people suffering from this disorder to actually use a bed that is angled at the head side of the bed. This can be done by placing a wedge, or a foam ramp at the highest part of the bed. Adjustable beds can also be used so you can achieve the head elevation.

Oral appliance tools – Anatomical problems can be solved using these tools. For short-jawed people, a mandibular adjustment tool can actually help you to have better placement and help you in moving certain parts. You can actually ask your dentist about the oral appliance that you can actually use when you sleep.

Fewer intakes of sedatives and alcohol – Your upper airway will collapse if you take too much of alcohol and sedatives. However, if you avoid it hours before sleeping then you reduce having sleep apnea.

Surgeries – You can also opt to have a surgical treatment if you are already in need of it depends on the doctor’s prescription.

If you engage to sleep apnea treatment this will surely make you feel more relieved. It can also improve your memory and concentration is both day and night time. Moreover, you can get a chance to lessen diabetes and heart disease. From scholastic studies, CPAP if as effective as taking blood pressure pill, thus this treats the patient from sleeping disorders. Furthermore, this will prevent people who are suffering from sleep apnea to actually avoid future incidents such as accidents on the road and alike.

Cure Your Sleep Apnea Without CPAP